Addiction Treatment in Fairfield, CT

Addiction is a tricky disease, and it can be virtually impossible to manage without professional guidance. Addiction is not evidence of weak morals or an inferior Constitution. In fact, drug and alcohol dependency are real medical conditions for which addiction treatment in Fairfield, CT is available.

Alcohol Addiction in Fairfield is a degenerative medical condition that is characterized by the compulsion to use no matter how dreadful the consequences. Persons who are dependent will go to awful lengths to support their addiction. They may lie, cheat, and steal. They may lose their home and wreck their marriage, and still, they keep on using. It doesn't mean they are weakly spirited. It means they have a real medical condition that cannot be cured but may be effectively managed with the guidance of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.

With prolonged substance abuse, permanent and severe brain changes may occur. Quitting alone can make an addict feel like a miserable failure. That's why it's crucial that addicts and alcoholics kick their habits with professional guidance, behavioral counseling, and medical intervention when necessary. Fortunately, a range of drug and alcohol treatment programs are available at a number of reputable facilities in the Fairfield area. Follow up support groups boost the addict's odds of staying clean and sober for a lifetime.

Many people start using drugs or drinking because it feels good and allows them to shed social inhibitions. Some start using drugs or drinking in an effort to escape the emotional or physical pain. Others turn to habit forming substances as a way to fit in with a peer group with whom they identify. When it comes down to it, it doesn't make much difference how someone became addicted. The best path out of drug dependence is by way of proven programs for addiction treatment.

Drug Abuse Trends in Fairfield County

Drug abuse is a big problem all across America, and Fairfield County is no exception. Overdoses from heroin, Fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine are not uncommon here. That's why it's imperative that anyone who wants to kick the habit knows where to find help at numerous drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in the area. If you or someone you care for is struggling with drug or alcohol dependency, a confidential treatment facility is standing by to take your call. It could be the most important phone call you ever make.

How Addiction Affects the Brain

Heavy drinking and repeated drug use can have far-reaching consequences on the human brain. Cognitive changes associated with substance abuse can range from simple memory glitches to debilitating chronic conditions that require custodial care. Even a moderate amount of daily drinking or drug abuse may cause short-term impairment, say the National Institutes of Health.

Chronic overstimulation of the brain via drug and alcohol addiction causes a disturbance of an important biological balance known as homeostasis. When this balance is disrupted by drugs, the brain accepts addiction as ‘the new normal.' When this occurs, the addict can't help craving the stimulation provided by excessive drink or drugs. Programs for addiction treatment may help addicts limit further damage to their brains.

Addiction Treatment Addiction Treatment in Fairfield and Its Options

The worst part of drug rehab in Fairfield, as most addicts will tell you, is the detoxification phase. Also known as "detox," this is when the patient's body metabolizes and discards whatever drugs are in their system. In the bad old days, an addict who needed to "kick" an addiction was forced to withdraw from drugs without any medical intervention whatsoever. Today, drug and alcohol treatment programs can offer special medicines that ease the suffering of drug withdrawal.

Most drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers administer withdrawal medicines for the shortest possible time because the ultimate goal of rehab is to give the addict the tools they need to live happily without drugs.

Today, compassionate addiction treatment in Fairfield, CT is a viable option that's helped a lot of people just like you. If you need help cleaning up your act, please don't hesitate to contact Fairfield Drug Rehab Centers at (203) 278-5202.

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