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If you are like many people who are dependent on drugs, you know you need to quit, but you're worried about detox. Truth is, withdrawal feels awful and many addicts resist rehab because they don't want to deal with the rigors of detox. Entirely understandable, but no reason to not get well. Modern drug detox in Fairfield, CT has helped a lot of worried people, and it can help you, too.

The natural process of drug or alcohol withdrawal can be very uncomfortable, especially for people who have been using or drinking for a long time. Fortunately, there are a number of local drug and alcohol rehab facilities that offer carefully supervised alcohol treatment in Fairfield. Medical detox options allow the patient to remain comfortable through the most grueling parts of the detox process. When utilized in conjunction with inpatient therapy, medical drug detox treatment is very effective.

Detox is an important first step on the path to sobriety and wellness, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It can be accomplished by going "cold turkey" but that's not the best option. In fact, going through withdrawals without guided medical intervention can be dangerous to one's health.

Why It's Dangerous to Detox at Home

‘Withdrawal' is what happens to the body shortly after the addict ceases use of drugs and/or alcohol. It's the part of detox that addicts fear the most because it can cause intense nausea, insomnia, convulsions, and a range of uncomfortable feelings. In fact, detox can make a person feel as bad or worse than any flu.

Drug Detox in Fairfield can be hard on your nervous system as well as your heart. If you're an inpatient at a medical detox treatment facility, you will carefully monitor by trained medical staff that is nearby at all times. This means you will be able to pay attention to your personal recovery and not have to worry about the complications of ‘going cold turkey.'

Statistics show that 30 to 40 percent of people experience delirium tremens, or "the DTs" while in withdrawal. This condition is a true medical emergency and can lead to seizures, head injury, and other serious complications. Unassisted withdrawal can lead to heart attack, stroke, and death. If you want to quit drugs or alcohol, please do it smartly and contact a qualified drug and alcohol detox center right away. Addiction treatment centers in Fairfield aim to provide you with the necessary tools in order for you to maintain sobriety.

Withdrawal Symptoms to Anticipate During Detox

The first days of detox can be exceedingly intense, especially for persons who have been using opiate painkillers, heroin, or other addictive drugs. Within hours of the last dose, the addict sweats to excess while experiencing agitation and a horrible sense of malaise. The eyes water, the body aches, the hands shake, and a general feeling of overwhelming anxiety ensues.

As withdrawal progresses, symptoms increase. The addict may experience extreme insomnia that can linger for days or weeks. Involuntary leg kicking and the dry heaves may happen. The patient may feel too hot one minute and too cold the next. This is a perilous time for the recovering addict. The smartest course of action for addicts who wish to get clean is to submit themselves to compassionate and confidential centers for Drug Detox in Fairfield.

Drug Detox in Fairfield

According to the NIH, the drug detox process may require ninety or more days in a medical detox treatment center. For some people, several visits drug rehab may be necessitated to achieve lasting sobriety. Whatever it takes, detox can save your life and is well worth any amount of time and effort.

If you spend too much of your money, energy, and time getting high, and you want control of your life back, yes you should definitely think about entering a facility that offers Drug Detox in Fairfield, CT. The length of your stay will depend on the kind of drugs you use, how long you've been using, and your general state of physical and psychiatric health. Call Fairfield Drug Rehab Centers now for help (203) 278-5202.

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